Project #6 | Polaris and other Creative Collective Col-LAB news.

A group of us formed Creative Collective Col-LAB in 2013 to collaborate, explore, expand and grow creatively. Polaris is the latest collaboration. Outside of Col-LAB the members are working on a myriad of other projects that are important to them.  I am really proud of us and grateful to see how we have grown creatively and professionally. We are looking forward to continuing this beautiful journey as we inspire and support each other.  Please take some time to explore and get to know the members of Creative Collective Col-LAB and what they have been up to.
From the heart,
Simon Alcantara

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” - Ryunosuke Satoro

Anna Lee Campbell.  
In addition to creating beautiful images and films for 5 out of 6  Col-LAB projects Anna has been quite busy.
She photographed Illusions at BAC- Baryshinikov Arts Center and photographed the press campaign for Satya Jewelry.  Anna filmed the Alpha Pavonis video, photographed The Dream, Playing with our Food | Series 1,  Lone Star and filmed the Odyssey video. Stay tuned for more exciting news from this creative force.

Talya Cousins  
Cousins, who is an editor, art director and jewelry consultant, had the pleasure of collaborating with the celebrated 119 year old fine jewelry house 

McTeigue & McClelland to merchandise and design their jewelry displays for their highly anticipated new store opening.
She continues to consult to a variety of brands; assisting them with product development, art directing, writing, styling and producing their creative collateral.

Kendall Farr.
Kendall who is a fashion stylist and best selling author continues as the Creative Director of Personal Shopping an exciting company that will provide a wonderful and exciting service for women. Stay tuned; soon we will be sharing more about this endeavor.

Mengly Hernandez
It’s been a really great year for Mengly; she joined the Stockland Martell Agency, launched her Linea Germania collection and secured some wonderful partnerships with retailers.  As part of Col-LAB she starred in the Alpha Pavonis campaign, art directed her Dream campaign, styled Lone Star, the Odyssey Campaign and Polaris.  She is one of the women chosen by photographer Delphine Diallo for her “New Icons” project which also features Simon Alcantara’s jewelry. StyleLikeU interviewed Mengly for their “What’s Underneath” series and the wonderful new site Dara Artisans asked Mengly to style the campaign for the exclusive re-launch of Simon Alcantara’s archival jeweled belts. Dara Artisans is also carrying Mengly’s textiles. Darling Magazine Issue 9, their September issue, features an eight-page editorial styled by Mengly and Photographed by Melanie Acevedo. You will be hearing more soon about other projects and exciting collaborations.

Karlo Karlo
Get to know more about celebrity makeup artist, journalist, blogger and advocate Karlo. This talented creative continues to explore his craft and fight for the issues he believes in.  He and Suset Laboy have initiated a powerful and socially conscious project that will bring attention to an issue most prefer to ignore. More to come soon.

Nathalie Kirsheh
Over the past 10 years, Nathalie has worked on redesigning titles such as Details, W. Jewelry W, Seventeen and Popular Science magazines and has been the recipient of multiple awards. She is currently the Design Director of Details Magazine. She continues to inspire us with her forward thinking creativity.

Suset Laboy
Suset heads Lalaboy PR with her sister Maria. They work with artists and brands to increase exposure through branding, press, and strategic partnerships. They build and maintain strong relationships with the media through a combination of old school public relations communication and digital tools. Suset, along with Karlo Karlo have initiated a powerful and socially conscious project that will bring attention to an issue most prefer to ignore. More to come soon.

Henry Lopez
Henry photographed the Alpha PavonisOdyssey and Polaris projects demonstrating his versatility and his ability to highlight beauty in a timeless and cinematic manner. He also continues to surprise and delight with his “Scan Art” pieces pushing the boundaries of photography and fine art.

Jesse Mercado
Jesse; The Renaissance man. Photographer, fine artist and gentleman he is currently exploring another of his passions. In his words: I work as a fitter for Abbeydale as well as booking appointments and helping clients select fabrics and features to get the clothes they want while ensuring the fit is perfect. Additionally I take our shops photos and handle most of the ecommerce, which is launching soon. I am honored that I was asked to design this season’s ready to wear line which is in development and is scheduled for the first week of October.”  -Jesse.

Maxmillion Rosario
Max who is the newest member of Col-LAB also happens to be the youngest. At 16 he has blown us away with his technical skills, his attention to detail and his ability to understand each project. His work ethic, constant smile and his “I’m just flowing” attitude is inspiring and a reminder that having fun is important.  Max was a guest for the Alpha Pavonis project and collaborated on LoneStar, Odyssey and Polaris as a Creative Collective Col-LAB member. 

Silas Stoddard

Artist Silas Stoddard has released a limited edition 8" Buddha sculpture made from Iron, Aluminum and Resin. This composition allows the figure to be outside in the elements or inside the home.
Silas has worked with the recognizable motif of the Buddha in the past, in 2-d forms. As he ventures into 3-D forms, he once again explores the subject that is timeless. This figure in particular is an expression of meditation.  The overall shape is a triangle: the head points upward in ascension while the body is rooted to the ground through a stable foundation.  Silas is always experimenting with new materials, minerals, metals, and pigments.  In the realm of color, his current exploration includes tones of gunmetal grey and reflective metallic textures.
This work can be found here   
See Silas' other works

Riji Suh 
Riji is happily returning to Europe in late September to teach in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Bologna, Italy.  She will share the practice of yoga and work closely with students and teachers in both beautiful cities.  Outside of yoga life, Riji will again model for Maison Mae, this time for their forthcoming fall 2014 collection.  She is honored to work with some of her esteemed Col-LAB members on the production.  Love yoga.  Love life.  Live Love.

Simon Alcantara
Simon launched his Odyssey Collection a week ago whose Campaign was Creative Collective Col-LAB project #5. He continues to participate on various projects in numerous capacities including Art Direction, Design Direction and styling.  He is really excited about Dara Artisans exclusive re-launch of his archival jeweled belts, his collaboration with Kendall Farr for Personal Shopping, upcoming collaboration with Riji Suh, Mengly Hernandez and Maxmillion Rosario for Maison Mae. His annual 10-city trunk show tour in Asia with House of Strasburgo starts in Beijing  October 21, 2014 and ends in Tokyo on November 9, 2014.