Creative Collective Col-LAB News September 2015

Photographer Anna Lee Campbell launches ceramics collection, handmade in NYC

Campbell is a NYC based photographer and videographer. Her love of light, form and function has led her to the exploration and development of her ceramics collection.  

Anna Lee Campbell's search for the right medium to express her truest self-language must have originated in her childhood's playground, the woods and streams of North Carolina.  Running down long dirt roads, hours spent outdoors under endless blue skies and uninhibited sunshine, breathing in fresh air unhindered by man-made boundaries, all of these experiences continue to flood Anna's deep well of creativity.  Her initial and continuous passion for photography inspired her courageous leap to New York City in her 20s.  Like photography, her work in ceramic pottery allows her to explore the exciting principles of form and light.  Her art has most especially taught her to trust in the organic manifestation within the journey to a finished piece.  

Ironically, it was in the gritty, raw, concrete-slabbed-landscape of her newfound home-city that Anna surrendered to an unanswered longing to try pottery.  Her beloved outdoor excursions with her family and friends guide her to see and feel the majesty of Mother Nature's touch on forms and shapes.  Anna's works have a woven quality, quite like the way wind smoothes a rock over time in organic, relentless dedication.  For Anna, time at the pottery wheel is the pure space, unburdened by time, obligation, or thought.  Her artist hands work over the clay in rhythm that has become so natural that she has  no choice but to oblige, just as wind has no other action but to breathe shape and form into every object it touches.  Each Anna Lee Campbell piece is one-of-a-kind, handmade with love in NYC.


Recent Works by Talya Cousins

Georg Jensen Fall - '15 Ad Campaign – Askill Collection

Photographer: Greg Broom

Recent Works by Talya Cousins

Departures Magazine September Issue – Fall Jewelry Still Life

Photographer: Horacio Salinas

Jewelry Market Editor: Kareem Rashed

Recent Works by Talya Cousins

Yael Sonia Men’s - Fall ’15 Ad Campaign

Photographer: John Lawton


Mengly Hernandez of Linea Germania Launches a new collection.

Linea Germania's new collection, Underneath the Surface, explores shapes and form. 

Photography by Shanita Sims featuring model Geli Forlefac @ Major.

  Photos by Pedro Huck Rosa

Photos by Pedro Huck Rosa

Recent Projects by Suset and Maria Laboy of LALBOY PR

Artist Sofia Maldonado Transforms Herself And Abandoned Puerto Rican Spaces.  

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Recent Projects by Suset and Maria Laboy of LALBOY PR


Photo below by Mario Carion


Maxmillion Rosario

Seventeen year old Max spent the summer interning in NYC exploring possibilities in the world of photography and post- production as he prepares to attend art school in NYC in 2016.

He was also in front of the camera along with Riji Suh for Simon Alcantara's StarChild Campaign launching on September 27, 2015. Get ready to see him in a completely new light.  To say he blew us away on set is an understatement.

In the last two years it has been our pleasure to watch Max  grow from a shy boy into a very handsome and charismatic young man who always impresses and surprises us with his talent and vision.  He's a creative force to be reckoned with.

Maxmillion Rosario bw for collab.jpg

Riji Suh latest projects.

Riji has been blessed to spend her summer of 2015 immersed in beautiful, transformative, and still-evolving interactions and interconnections with yoga students and teachers from New York City to Fire Island to Copenhagen, Denmark.  Off the mat and asana path, her growing work as a model has given her the opportunity to collaborate with photographer Michael Waring via Juja Active, which recently launched their website after opening their boutique on Jobs Lane in the Hamptons.  Red Tiger Australia has also lent their beautiful line to be worn by Riji and shot by photographer Monty Stilson.  The end of the summer has culminated with her work as a model for Simon Alcantara's StarChild campaign launching on September 27, 2015. Riji is thankful, happy, experiencing and soaking in life, love, and knowledge all the time.  She is having the greatest time collaborating with, teaching, and learning from the greatest people...  Life is beautiful.


Simon Alcantara

Simon spent the last several months exploring, researching, developing, and designing his StarChild collection which launches on September 27, 2015.  It will be his first time incorporating diamonds into his collection. He also styled and photographed the campaign and film.  It was a multi month project that includes photographs and film captured in Telluride, Taos, Santa Fe, Abiquiu, Bali, Dominican Republic, and New York City. The campaign is a collaboration between, Simon, Riji Suh, Maxmillion Rosario, Griselle Rosario, and Jermaine Brown. 

Simon is collaborating again with Talya Cousins, Blair Brindley, Mish Tworkowski, the CFDA, and The Gathery to produce the 2nd annual CFDA Jewelry Showcase which will take place in October, details to follow.  Simon was elected Chairman of the CFDA Jewelry Members in August of 2015 along with Co-Chair and CFDA member Mish Tworkowski.

 Makeup artist Griselle Rosario and Model Riji Suh on the set of StarChild August 28, 2015.  Photo by Simon Alcantara

Makeup artist Griselle Rosario and Model Riji Suh on the set of StarChild August 28, 2015.  Photo by Simon Alcantara